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Euro Profile Cylinders

Euro Profile cylinders are quite a common locking product. Fitted to most uPVC doors, some wooden doors, composite doors, garage doors, rock doors. Occasionally on padlocks and aftermarket ve

Rim Cylinder

Rim Cylinder's are usually fitted to rim locks, on wooden and composite doors, Quite commonly paired with a night latch, on wooden doors.

Oval Cylinders

Oval Cylinders are the British equivalent of euro profile cylinders. Usually fitted to small to medium apartment complexes, with a mortice night latch.

Screw-In Cylinders

Screw-In Cylinders are usually seen high street commercial premises, and generally fitted to metal/aluminium doors.

Scandinavian Cylinders

Scandinavian Cylinders are mostly used in Scandinavia, however they are common with hotels, ships and commercial scenarios.